Crazy + Lazy



The word CrLazy has a hidden inner meaning which is Crazy + Lazy.

Why this word ?

This word directly relates to most of the people in our globe. There are some people, want to learn more and more about the world. They are dying to learn things right now. We call them Crazy. Again, some people are there, characterized by lack of effort or activity. They also want to have the world in their hand but in different style. Yes, we call them Lazy. Our website is for both of these two types of people. So, our website invites and motivates both the categories of people to learn things right now and to rule the world.

How did this word comes in my mind ?

Once I was undergoing through some bad situations. I was not getting proper Jobs, suitable for me and hence I was becoming aimless from my life. Those days made me a bit Lazy to hope for. But my good wills of learning did not let it progress further. That was my Craziness that helped me to get out from the negativity and to make a fresh start with all my positivity. That situation of my life being Crazy about learning with a Lazy attitude has given this word CrLazy.

My Journey to make this Website : 

I am an Engineering student, have completed my B.Tech in 2015. I have always been an intense learner of good things. My motto is to accept the positive things and let the negative things go. During my B.Tech Degree I also tried for company Jobs. I was getting some placements in some companies but was not satisfied by myself. As I have already said that I am an intense learner and want to learn things more and more and want to spread it over the world by my own work, I left some of the opportunities. After then I started to learn things from some good YouTube Channels, Popular Blogs and Social Media pages. Now my motto is to spread the things and techniques to you so that you get the opportunities of learning things very easily. So, I have opened an YouTube Channel which name is CrLazy. But sometimes videos are not sufficient to understand things properly and I started to share the articles in my social media pages. Finally I have made this website for more articles you may be interested.

What are the things I Provide to you :

My website contains some interesting topics like DIY Crafts Projects, Daily Life Hacks & Science Experiments.

My Motto :

My motto is to reach to you and give some usual techniques that are very much interesting and useful in our daily lives.

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